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Trade It

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(919) 501-2091
3514 Capital Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27604-4518
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Trade It! Stores are upscale, second hand retail outlets. Our buyers purchase quality pre-owned merchandise from customers and then resold at low prices.

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(919) 501-2091
(919) 501-2092

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written: 1 Review
Trade it store at Capital Blvd. Raleigh What a rip off! I sold some good stuff here and they low balled me. When I went back a week after to check the store shelves I saw the stuff I sold them and they they are selling them 200 - 300% above what they paid me. Basic example. They paid me $10 for something I sold them They said that's the best they could offer. Out in the store floor they were selling it for $29.99. They paid me $50 for some jewelry. The guy said the gold was real but the diamond was not. I saw it they were selling it for $259.99. I am not selling my stuff again to this place. Check around the store. You will see that some used stuff are almost the same price as the brand new ones. Perfect example cheap camera tripod. I bet they paid $1-$2 dollars for this used piece. They are selling it for $9.99. A brand new one from some camera store is selling it for $10.00. You are better off getting a new one at target, walmart, or big lots. Don't sell your stuff here you'll be better off doing a grarage sale.