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Toney Lumber Company Inc

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(919) 496-5711
309 Bunn Rd
Louisburg, NC 27549-2707

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(919) 496-5711

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honest lee

written: 1 Review
Great place to work except for one low-life, sexual predator, DD! As long as that scum bag works there it will always be a nightmare. It's amazing how everyone in Louisburg and all the employees how he has been able to stalk women, run them off their jobs there and his wife took a video of him having intercourse with an under-aged girl and yet he is still employed there, has never been taken to court or on the internet as a registered S.E.X. offender! Guess the people who own and manage this company don't care about minor things like that. Business as usual, right guys? At least he was forced to sell New Image Gym so he can't stalk any more girls there, but I'm sure he's still chasing tail elsewhere. We hate your guts,DD and hope you die! JULY 2014